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We have established a Trust known as 'The Spencer Academies Trust', which is a charitable company limited by guarantee, and as such we are required to comply with 'The Companies Act 2006' ( Trustees, Directors and Governors of the Trust are listed in the Annual Report forming part of the Annual Account. A range of documents appertaining to our Trust are available to view or download:



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Trust Governance Structure

  • 1 legal entity

  • 1 set of Articles governing all the Academies

  • Master Funding agreement with Secretary of State plus supplemental funding agreement

  • Each Academy has Local Governing Body to which the Multi Academy Trust can agree delegate some matters which is done through a Scheme of Delegation

  • Regular Chief Executive Officer and Chairs of Governors briefings


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Supporting World-Class Governance

World class governance is essential for continuous and sustainable improvement – more so today than ever before. There is now greater scrutiny on governance including governance within multi-academy trusts and within individual Academies.

    •  "Governors contribute effectively to the culture to excel that is established across the school leadership team. The academy trust is highly effective in contributing to and strengthening local school governance.

      Governors have a detailed understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for development. They share the relentless drive to continue to improve the quality of teaching and progress for all pupils. Minutes from governing body meetings and reports illustrate their ability to ask school leaders searching and challenging questions.

      The governing body is well organised and uses governors’ skills and expertise effectively to add value to overall leadership. The governors assiduously test out and scrutinise the wide range of information they receive. This allows them to hold school leaders effectively to account and to improve outcomes for all pupils."

      - Portland Spencer Academy, Ofsted January 2017

    •  "The governing body is playing an effective strategic role in ensuring that the pace of improvement is brisk. Governors are rightly proud of the improvements they have helped to secure since the school’s conversion to an academy. They can also explain well the impact these have brought to pupils. However, they are also passionate that the rate of these improvements must continue, in order that the school can become a beacon of excellence in the community."
      - Glenbrook Primary School, Ofsted February 2017

    •  "Leaders and governors have an accurate, full understanding of the quality of education at the school. Their self-evaluation is accurate and, consequently, the plans for improvement are appropriate.

      Governors use regular visits to the school to see for themselves how well the school is working. They no longer rely on receiving their information just from senior leaders. This is helping them to make better informed decisions, for example in the reorganisation of the curriculum to better meet the needs of pupils."

      - Heanor Gate Science College, March 2017

    •  "Governors strengthen the leadership of the academy, because they are highly skilled and strategic in their outlook. They play an important role in evaluating the academy's work and setting the direction for the future."
      - George Spencer Academy, Ofsted May 2015

    •  "They hold school leaders to account for how well the school is doing and have made a good contribution to the improvements made."
      - Long Field Academy, Ofsted February 2016

    •  "Governors offer an effective balance of support and challenge… They are strategic in their approach and have a very clear understanding of the academy’s strengths and areas for improvement. Governors visit school to see it in action for themselves."
      - Fairfield Primary Academy, Ofsted July 2016

We provide a range of support and training for Governors, putting improvement and development at the heart of governance leadership and management and we work with organisations such as the National Governors' Association (NGA) and FASNA (Freedom and Autonomy for Schools – National Association) by providing membership for all our schools to these organisations.


All our Academies, with the exception of Inkersall Primary School, has a Local Governing Body (LGB) in operation. Inkersall operates a Local Advisory Council (LAC) during a transition period. The Trust has a Scheme of Delegation in place with each LGB or LAC which can be found on the individual Academies website.




Chairs of Governors

  • Chetwynd Primary Academy - Malcolm Batchelor

  • Fairfield Primary Academy - Donna Kinderman

  • George Spencer Academy - TBC

  • Glenbrook Primary School - Patricia Shaw

  • Heanor Gate Science College - Please contact the Clerk for further information

  • Inkersall Primary Academy - Donna Kinderman

  • Long Field Academy - Debie Williamson

  • Portland Spencer Academy - Jill Wilkinson

  • Sunnyside Spencer Academy - Dianne Raynor

  • Wyndham Primary Academy - Geoff Weightman


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Clerking Services

We have a team of 6 Clerks who providing full clerking services to our Local Governing Bodies:


                                                          - Claire McMillan (Committees): 

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